Delivering high quality craftsmanship and precision with outstanding service for more than 16 years.

Our clients are our priority, we offer quality services with a team of specialists.

About us

Choosing SOULDENT means you really take care of your patients!

SOULDENT provides a full range of services to general dentists and prosthodontists.

We are assisted by international experts in designing, cutting and manufacturing the dental prosthesis, therefore the highest quality is guaranteed.

We use modern and innovative equipment in the manufacturing process and our team is composed of experienced professionals in the field of dental aesthetics.

Our wide experience and competitive prices make us the lab of choice for many specialists.

Our office is located in Dublin, but we provide services to, and make deliveries throughout Ireland and the United Kingdom.

Our company provides information, advice and affordable solutions for everyone.

Warranty is provided for all types of work.

Our selling points!

SOULDENT proves that dental technology and services are available at affordable prices, increasing the number of dentists and patients who can take advantage of advanced dental care.

We have achieved great results in a short period, by maintaining sustainable growth and a wide range of services.

SOULDENT LTD provides transparency and optimal information about its products and services. We can assure every patient that all dental devices are made from reliably sourced and safe materials.