Order instruction

First time users:

Step 1

Click option Collection Request for your collection online or Call us on Mobile +(353) 89 477 11 27 or Phone (353) 46 955 2618. Also you can Email Us at souldentlab@gmail.com.

Step 2

  • Click on the How to order button and select a form depending on the case.
  • You can also download blank forms by clicking here.
  • Blank forms for filling you can download here:
  • DOWNLOAD  Crown & Bridge Laboratory Prescription
  • DOWNLOAD  Removable Prosthodontics & Orthodontics Prescription 

Place put all disinfected impressions, models and case components in a sealed plastic bag.

Step 5

  • Pack the case and corresponding docket in a package or box and seal with tape
  • Download and print the label we will send you and wait for the driver to collect the box.