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A001 PFM CR.CO Finished
A002 PFM Yellow Gold * Finished
A003 PFM Semi-Precious * Finished
A004 PFM Semi-Precious * Finished
A005 Captek Crown * Finished
A006 Metal Test CR.CO Finished
A007 Richmond Crown CR.CO Finished
A008 Maryland Bridge CR.CO (Two Wings) Finished
A009 Wing Finished
A010 PFM CR.CO Inlay/Onlay Finished
A011 PFM CR.CO Inlay+Post Finished
A012 Porcelain Shoulder Finished
A013 Porcelain Gum (Pink) Finished
B001 Full Metal Crown CR.CO Finished
A002 Full Metal Inlay CR.CO Finished
B003 Inlay/Onlay CR.CO+ Post Finished
B004 Full Metal Crown Yellow NP Finished
B005 Full Gold Crown Yellow Gold* Finished
B006 Full Gold Crown White Gold * Finished
B007 Gold Inlay/Onlay * Finished
B008 Post & Core CR.CO Finished
B009 Post + Attachment Finished
B010 Locator Female Finished
C001 Attachment of Key and Key Way Finished
C002 Tube Type Attachment Finished
C003 Attachment of Ball Finished
C004 Ceka Attachment Finished
C005 Magnetic Precise Attachment Finished
C006 Bar CR.CO Finished
C007 Implant Overdenture Bar CR.CO Finished
C008 Zirconia Attachment Finished
D001 Cast Chrome Framework Metal Structure CR.CO Finished
D002 Cast Chrome CR.CO (8-13 teeth plate) Finished
D003 Cast Chrome CR.CO (4-7 teeth plate) Finished
D004 Cast Chrome CR.CO (3 or less teeth) Finished
D005 Titanium PURE Plate (8-13 teeth) Finished
D006 Titanium PURE Plate (4-7 teeth) Finished
D007 Titanium PURE Plate (3 or less teeth) Finished
D008 Lingual/Occlusal Metal Finished
E001 CR.CO Metal Whit Normal Resin Crown Finished
E002 CR.CO Metal Whit Normal Resin Veneer Finished
E003 Temporary Crown Finished
E004 Maryland Acrilic Finished
E005 Normal Acrilic Onlay Finished
E006 Sofu Onlay (Composite) Finished
E007 Sofu Over CR.CO Crown Finished
E008 Sofu Over CR.CO Veneer Finished
E009 Sofu Crown Finished
F001 Telescopic Crown CR.CO Finished
F002 Telescopic Inner Crown CR.CO Finished
F003 Telescopic Outer & Acrylic CR.CO Finished
F004 Telescopic Outer Finished
G001 Post Cr.Co. Finished
G002 Crown CR.CO Cemented Finished
G003 Crown CR.CO Screw Retained Finished
G004 Milling Abutment Finished
G005 Full Metal Crown Over Implant CR.CO Finished
G006 Crown ZIRCONIA Cemented Retained Finished
G007 Crown ZIRCONIA Screw Retained Finished
G008 Temporary Screw Crown Finished
G009 Telescopic over implant Finished
G010 Telescopic Inner CR.CO Finished
G011 Post ZIRCONIA Finished
G012 Implant Metal Coping CR.CO Finished
G013 Duralay Coping Finished
G014 Implant Key (Charge by Sector) Finished
G015 Metal Riders Finished
G016 Female Acrylic Attachment Finished
G017 Titanium or Zirconia Custom Abutment Finished
G019 Crown Titanium Semented Retained Finished
G018 Crown Titanium Screw Retained Finished
H001 E.Max Press Crown Finished
H002 E.Max Press Veneer Finished
H003 E.Max Press Inlay/Onlay Finished
H004 E.Max Post Finished
H005 E.Max Change Color Finished
H006 Zirconia PFZ(Porcelain Fused to Zirconia) Cad Cam Finished
H007 Zirconia Full Contour Crown Finished
H008 Zirconia Veneer/Inlay Finished
H009 Glaze Finished
H010 Put OP Finished
H011 Zirconia Gum Finished
H012 Porcelain Setting Finished
H013 Zirconia Change Color Finished
H014 Post&Core Zirconia Finished
I001 Full Upper and Lower Denture Finished
I002 Full Upper or Lower Denture Finished
I003 Acrylic Denture (4 -13 teeth) Finished
I004 Acrylic Denture (3 or less teeth) Finished
I005 SS Wire Clasp Finished
I006 Ball Clasp Finished
I007 SS Rest Finished
I008 Repair Finished
I009 Reinforced Mesh Finished
I010 Bite Block (WP) Finished
I011 Special Tray, S/T Finished
I012 Flexite Denture (8-13 teeth) Finished
I013 Flexite Denture (4-7 teeth) Finished
I014 Flexite Denture (3 or less teeth) Finished
I015 Bleaching Guard Finished
I016 Mouth Guard (Custom made colors from) Finished
I017 Night Guard (Hard or Soft) Finished
I018 Night Guard (Acrylic) Soft inside and hard outside Finished
I019 Temporary Finished
I020 Hawley Appliance Finished
I021 Quad-Helix Appliance Finished
I022 Space Retainer Finished
I023 Clear Clasp Finished
I024 Silencer Finished
I025 Diagnostic Wax Finished
I026 Duplicated Model Finished
I027 Essix Vacum Retainer Finished