Terms & Conditions



The Services and Dental Prosthetic Cases provided by Souldent Dental Lab are subject to terms and conditions as set forth in the following:

Limited  Warranty

At Souldent Dental Lab we are so convinced that you will be satisfied with our restorations and services that we offer a ten-day full credit or money back warranty. If upon initial inspection our restoration fails to meet your full expectations, return it to us with a complete explanation of the problem within 10 days of delivery for a remake or credit towards your account.

We do offer an express service at an additional cost. Please contact us as this service is offered on a case by case basis.

We further warrant that our restorations will be free from errors in workmanship to the extent that we will repair or replace (at our discretion) any product that fails because of errors in workmanship during a five-year period from delivery. When direct fault cannot be determined during the five-year period, the following no fault repair or replacement policy will be followed:

  1. 1. Defect within three (3) years, 100%    repair / replacement by Souldent Dental Lab.(Crowns ,Bridges ,Implants,Frameforks)
    Defect within one (1) year, 100% repair / replacement by Souldent Dental Lab.(Veneers)
    Defect within one (1) year, 100%   repair / replacement by Souldent Dental Lab.(Complete Restorations)

  2. 4.There is no written guarantee on removable prosthodontics such as dentures&splits .

The purchaser shall be responsible for payment of the percentage repair and replacement cost not covered by Souldent . Such costs shall be computed as of the time of the repair and replacement and not the time of sale.

Remake Policy

Dentist has the right to inspect Case(s) prior to acceptance provided that notice of non-acceptance or non-conformance of the Case(s) shall be communicated to Laboratory within a reasonable time (not to exceed 10 business days) after receipt by Dentist.

Laboratory shall be given the opportunity to correct the defect or to replace the Case(s) (at Laboratory’s sole discretion) with a conforming Case(s), within a reasonable time and at the Laboratory cost *(restrictions apply).

Where Dentist requests re-manufacture or repair of the Case(s), Dentist shall resubmit all originals to Laboratory including but not limited to original impressions, models and restoration(s).

A dental device that fits the master model poured from the original impression supplied by client and which is created to the specifications on the prescription of client, but subsequently has to be remade, is not considered a remake.

Payment Terms

At Souldent , we are always available to handle inquiries regarding your account in a timely and professional manner. Feel free to call our office so we can provide you with further explanations on any of our payment programs. 

  • Each case is invoiced: A monthly statement is also mailed to your office. Full payment is required within 30 days. A service charge will be computed at a monthly periodic rate of 10.5% or equivalent % per annum on all past due balances.
  • If you would like to use a credit card for ongoing payments, we can automatically debit your credit card on the first day of the month for the previous month’s charges.
  • We will process your cases complete and ship/deliver to you .


The construction validity and performance of the contract into which these terms and conditions are incorporated shall be governed by and construed in accordance with Ireland  Law and the parties irrevocably submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the Ireland courts.